Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ashley was a tween-aged Necromancer ..... Chapt. 1

Chapter One: The Unusual Necromancer

As usual all the students in Wizard City where looking at books, casting spells on monsters, defeating bosses, going into the Arena. Let's just say this: They were busy. Busyier than usual. There was but one student who sat on the rail of Rainbow Bridge looking at the colors of the water. Ashley Duskhunter. Now, like all Necromancers, Ashley liked skulls, bones, ghouls, etc. But unlike all the other Necros she liked everything else too.

As Ashley sat on the rail she watched a new student walk up to the middle of Rainbow Bridge and summon a Serpah. “She must be a Life Wizard!” Ashley thought to herself. The Serpah looked lovely. She has blonde hair, a lovely white linen robe, two really wide wings, and a long sword. Ashley thought the sword was there just in case she had to burst into battle.

“Wow, that was lovely!” the new Life Wizard said. “You'll get used to it.” Ashley said. The Life Wizard didn't know what to do. “Um … hi. I'm Vanessa.” the life wizard told Ashley slowly approaching with caution. “Hey, I'm Ashley. You can call me Ash if you want.” Ashley said. “You've seen more of those winged ladies?” Vanessa asked. “Not a lot. Just one.” Ashley told Vanessa.

“Where can I find her?” Vanessa asked with tons of excitement.

“At the end of that street.” Ashley said pointing to Unicorn Way “But it shouldn't be hard.”

“I heard there where monsters in that street.”

“Vanessa, this whole SPIRAL is infected with monsters.”

Vanessa just froze with fear. “Don't worry Vanessa, I have traveled to Krokotopia, and Marleybone.”

“Are those the only two worlds I have to go to?”

Ashley giggled “No, I still have two more. I can name all the worlds in order you will go: Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre. And along the way you'll be asked to go to Grizzleheim.”

“That's a lot of worlds. A lot of monsters.” Vanessa said.

“Like I said, you'll get used to it. Anyway I should get going home. It's getting late.”

“Your going to your dorm! We should go together!”

“Vanessa, I don't live in a dorm any more. I have my own house.”

“I want one!”

“You'll need to get older. Plus you'll need WAY more money. Bye, Vanessa! I might see you around”

And that's when Ashley left Vanessa just standing there at Rainbow Bridge on her first day, sad.

“Ashley Duskhunter!” yelled a voice from inside the death house. “Yeah, mom?” Ashley asked.

“I told you to clean your room!” yelled the voice. Ashley's parent, by the way, is Autumn Duskhunter: Grandmaster. “I did!” Ashley yelled back. All of a sudden all Ashley's pets scrambled out of the house. “MOM! What are they doing here? They should be at their house!” Ashley yelled. “I … really don't know.” Autumn said “They just appeared.” “Okay, everyone, back to your house!” Ashley told the pets. Even though there was some groaning and moaning Ashley got all the pets back to their house. “Mom, I am going to clean my room now.” Ashley told Autumn. “FINALLY!” Autumn said.

After minutes of work, Ashley got her room done. “Maybe, I should find a new bed this one looks like it is about to go.” Ashley said. “Why would you do that Ash?” said a voice from behind Ashley. She looked behind her and she saw her good friend Alejandro. “Alex!” Ashley said jumping into Alejandro's arms hugging him. “I guess I have been missed.” Alejandro said. “Missed? YES!” Ashley said “What are you doing here? I thought you where in Krokotopia.” “I got out of studies for a day and decided to come see you.” Ashley was in shock after she heard that. “That is so …. so sweet.” Ashley said. “Ashley, Alex, come down for dinner.” Autumn called.

At the dinner table Alejandro told Autumn and Ashley about all his adventures in Krok. “Wow, You have been through so much!” Ashley said in amazement. “Yeah, but you're already in Marleybone I will never catch up to you!” Alejandro said politely. After everyone ate three ghosts tooks the plates and drinks. “Ashley, can I meet you outside? Near the pool?” Alex asked. “Sure but wh....” Ashley started to ask. “Just meet me out there.” Alejandro said.

Now the Death House pool is not one that you would like to swim in, but Ashley and Alex where used to it. “Ashley, Malistare was in Wizard City with Lord Nightshade talking about something.” Alejandro told Ashley. “What where they talking about?” Ashley asked. “I don't really know. All I know is that Malistare plus Lord Nightshade equals BIG BIG trouble.” Alejandro said. “Tomorrow we should go see Professor Wu.” Ashley suggested. “Ashley, I don't have 'til tomorrow. I must get going by tonight.” Alex confessed. “What? You said you had some time to stay and relax.” Ashley pointed out. “Ashley, you have to go to Wizard City and tell all the teachers. Don't tell Cyrus though. I think he might be in on it too.” Alejandro said. “But, Alex … I … I don't wanna loose you like last time.” Ashley said. “Just go, it's for your own good. I will try to find you. No matter what we will see each other again.” Alejandro said. With those last words he was gone.

The next day, Ashley cleaned her room and ran straight out the door. “Ashley? Where are you going?” Autumn said. “Alejandro told me some very bad news yesterday and I need to go to Wizard City to tell everyone.” Ashley told Autumn. “Okay, if it's that important than go, but be back soon.” Autumn said. So Ashley ran out the Spiral Door and headed toward Wizard City.

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