Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Trix Club

One day, in the land of Magifico The Trix Club was relaxing in the sun
"Ahhh, What a nice day" said Fallon Shadowblade. Fallon was one who loved to wear blue and green. "Got that I cant even see how the sun gets this strong!" said Fallon Star. Now she loved her long blonde hair. "Just hope you guys dont jinx it." said Ashley Duskhunter (good Version) she's the one with the red hair. She has a good side and a bad side (both against eachother).Cassandra Blueheaven was just lying their in her little lawn chair. Even though her name has Blue in it she loves Pink & Red. Penny Dreadful was in her little red outfit sunbathing too (not listening to the others convversation). On the other side of Magifico the lair of the Evils sat. "Ok girls, today we gives those trix a little taste of witch power" said leader Autumn Duskhunter. "How many times have we tryed that and lost Autumn?" said countess Shadowbane. "Countess is right Autumn we are probably never going to get them EVER!" said Ashley Duskhunter's BAD SIDE! "Oh don't worry, I have a plan well two, but anyway now we need to make a choice on which one to go with. We can either:
A. Wait till their little made up dance
B. Wait till they go to their little store.
Now Reader it is up to you to decide on which plan the witches shall take.

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Fatal Exception said...

B) Wait till they go to their little store, so we can crush them AND go shopping!