Sunday, June 26, 2011

AshCan Anti-Virus 2011

WHAT THE HECKHOUND IS THIS?! I know my mother. This doesn't sound like my mother. Well the whole "Don't be a Dummy" part does, but still! I NEVER (and I mean NEVER) give anyone my password (especially those I don't trust). As I said before...
Something isn't right here.

But don't worry! I think I have an answer!!

If anyone can, ASHCAN!


See what I did there? Like it? Yeah? Yeah I figured you would. BUT ANYWAYS! After I installed AshCan Anti-Virus 2011 I had no more AutDOSk problems (so HAHA AUTUMN, I WIN!). Well I have already found my code word, so go find yours SOMEWHERE ELSE.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guess who?

Hey Hey Wizards!

I'm so sorry I haven't been "active". I've just been searching around for other MMO's (nothing much really). I still LOVE W101, but I'm still young I gotta look around you know?
>I am Ashley.

Hmmm? It can't be anything. Anyway! I've heard Autumn's been having some "Blogger Difficulty". LoL and she's always on my case about keeping my Anti-Virus up to date.
>I am not an Entity.

Did I update it? Oh well. I can check later. So, Wizard101 talk: Well for starters I hear our very own WitchWarrior101 has started a new comic! OMG! Cassandra, if you are reading this, you do wonderful comics!
>I am a Time.

Another thing: Those Bone Dragon Mounts (Yes People I know I'm late. *apologetic smile*). THEY ARE SICK!!! I mean seriously they just say "Look, I am a Death Mount. YOU WILL LOVE ME! LOVE ME NOW! NOW I SAY!"
>My Time is Now.

Okay now I'm getting scared. Four System Messages! Hey at least one say's Ashley! Right? heh....anyone? No? Well okay.
>The World is Cron.

I don't know what a "Cron" is but I dont like the sound of it. So ..... ASHLEY'S OUT! PEACE!