Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NEW: Tick-Tok

Okay so we all know (or so I am guessing) that Autumn has been "teasing" Friendly about his timer issue (so I'll say). So if you've been checking in with WitchWarrior101 you've probably seen Cass's "Teasing" Picture. I honestly think Cassandra has very nice skills! So to you Cass: You are awesomeness! So, based off of Cass's picture I've decided to make a Microsoft Paint version.
Yes I do know I could've done much better but to tell ya the truth I just wanted to do this as something fun ya know? So there ya go! Friendly and Autumn!

♥ ya!,

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ask Ashley!

Hey there peoples! Okay so I decided to start early on this whole "Ask Ashley"! So let's start!

AutumnalDusk said:
"Ask Ashley?" Muah-ha-ha, more like "Stump Ashley with a question", hahaha...

We'll get yu up-to-speed, once I get there, myself.


Well "Mumsie",
First off that is not a question! I mean seriously! (smile) And no it's not "Stump Ashley with a question". Oh you also spelled you wrong! tehehehe! So yeah........
Luv, "Your Rapunzel"

M.W.S. said:
Welcome back Ashley! How have things been?

See "Mumsie" that is a question! Well technically both a statement and a question, but you get my flow! So First, I'd like to thank you Malorn for welcoming me back! And things have been pretty good..... So far.......
Your Friend, Ashley

So thats all for now guies!

ya all,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yea I'm back!

Yes I'm back (certainly took long enough)! Now I won't go over reason why I was out. Seeing where one of my very close family members went over it! But anyway onto more "important" business!
HA! Who am I kidding? Me, Ashley Duskhunter, be SERIOUS! *wipes tear* Yeah, thats me still dreaming! So in Autumn's Latest Post you see a video of my and autumn talking (really a scene from the disney movie Tangled). Yea I have no clue what that sentence was going to lead into. Hmm.
So I really just want to know your point of view of the spiral! What's happenin'? Anything "cool"? Ya know same ol' same ol'! So I think I might start an "Ask Ashley" post. Maybe, once in a while I'll have you guies ask questions in the comments section! I will then make a post answering a select few questions! REMEMBER: Not to personal Questions!
So Yeah, I guess thats it for this blog post!

your bestest wizard-buddy,