Monday, March 28, 2011

Ask Ashley!

Hey there peoples! Okay so I decided to start early on this whole "Ask Ashley"! So let's start!

AutumnalDusk said:
"Ask Ashley?" Muah-ha-ha, more like "Stump Ashley with a question", hahaha...

We'll get yu up-to-speed, once I get there, myself.


Well "Mumsie",
First off that is not a question! I mean seriously! (smile) And no it's not "Stump Ashley with a question". Oh you also spelled you wrong! tehehehe! So yeah........
Luv, "Your Rapunzel"

M.W.S. said:
Welcome back Ashley! How have things been?

See "Mumsie" that is a question! Well technically both a statement and a question, but you get my flow! So First, I'd like to thank you Malorn for welcoming me back! And things have been pretty good..... So far.......
Your Friend, Ashley

So thats all for now guies!

ya all,

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