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Yes, Yes! My First contest! PLUS: it's for a cool prize! But I MUST thank Autumn for this opportunity. Okay here are the rulez and then the actual Contest itself:

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A cute Little Story (totally FAKE)

Okay, so today I got to Life Class and Mrs. Wu said "Okay, now children we will be summoning Life creatures today." I didn't think it was that big of a deal. After I had my Pixie summoned and everyone else had their creature Mrs. Wu said "Okay now match up with a partner and catch their creature. But of course Mrs. Wu picked partners and I got stuck with Amber Ashflame (old deleted alt). She was a fire wizard who didn't do very well in studies so I was basically dead. "Amber? Where is your creature?" I asked. "Outside. Look for a GIANT RED dragon!" Amber said back. So sadly, I had to go catch the thing. When I got back I was covered in dirt, my purple hair had twigs in it, my face looked like I had just devoured a MUD pie. "Ashley? Where is your creature?" Mrs. Wu said. "Outside, Amber summoned a Dragon. I looked at Amber who was still trying to catch my Pixie. "Well Ashley, since you caught a DRAGON you get A++." Mrs. Wu said. After Life class I went into Myth class. "Good day class." Professor Drake said. No one ever liked him so not one wizard said hi back. "Today, we will be learning how to summon, and take down a Minotaur." Professor Drake said. The class just moaned. I again got stuck with the worst kid in the class, even though everyone wanted to choose me for their partner. So we all summoned our Minotaurs. "Okay Joe (Fake) Where is the...." I started to ask. "My Centaur is outside." He said. "CENTAUR!!" I exclaimed. I ran after it. Again I looked like a mess. "Mrs. Duskhunter, why where you chasing that Centaur?" Professor Drake asked. "Joe.....Centaur.....Minotaur." I tried to say. "Ugh, I can't believe I am doing this but Ashley you get an A. Joe you get detention!" So my day went pretty well.


A little thank you from all Piggles!

Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Two Supprising Guests

When Ashley got there, she stepped outside and talked to the great tree Bartleby. “Ugh … I really don't know how this all happened without my eye of the past. But like Alejandro said Malistare and Lord Nightshade equal BIG trouble. But I sense that Malistare is going around to all evil bosses and helping them. It spells no good.” Bartleby said. “I am going to Headmaster Ambrose.” Ashley said and she ran off.

By the time she got there two of her best friends, Malorn Willowsmith and Amber Rosepetal, where already there. “Oh, Ashley!” Amber exclaimed “We have been talking about ….” “Don't say his name!” Malorn said. “Who?” Ashley asked. “Alejandro” Amber said “We think he is the cause of all of this evil. Not Malistare since, he is dead, and because he was HAPPY when we realeased his soul with his wife.” Ashley looked at everyone. “YOU THREE ARE CRAZY!” She yelled. “No Ashley, we're not! I have proof!” Malorn said. The Headmaster was being suspiciously. “Okay then, show me the proof!” Ashley demanded. Malorn pulled out a picture of Alejandro talking to Lord Nightshade. “No … that can't be.” Ashley said in disbelief. “Ash, he was using you. He was gonna trap you at Nightshade's tower. He wanted you to join his cause.” Amber explained. “Do we know his cause yet?” Ashley asked. “We think so. We think he wants to bring together all the wizards he can gather and with the help of the bosses he will bring down everyone he opposes.” Malorn explained.

After Malorn and Amber explained everything they decided to make a plan. “Okay, first we need costumes. So no one -especially Alejandro- recongizes us.” So they went to the clothing store. Ashley found herself in a BRIGHT pink dress. Amber found herself in a black and white robe. And Malorn found himself in a red and brown new robe. “Black? Really?” Amber looked at Ashley. “What? It was the only two colors no one would expect you in.” Ashley said. “Malorn? Why arent you wearing the blue outfit I picked out for you?” “Oh... um …. funny story. I only go with Balance colors.” Malorn said. “YOU ARE SO STRESSFUL!” Amber said.

Once they got to Nightshade's Tower, they saw Alejandro. His purple hair seemed to glisten just like Ashley's purple hair. He was dressed in his most powerful outfit. He seemed ready to lead the three into the tower. “Hello Ashley.” Alejando said polietly “and who are these two wizards?” “So much for costumes.” Amber whispered to Ashley and Malorn “I am Amber Rosepetal!” “and I am your worst nightmare” Malorn said. Ashley nudged him. “Fine. I am Malorn Willowsmith.” Malorn said. “Well, it is an honor to meet you! Remember Ashley, Nightshade is death so you need to be careful.” Alejandro said wisely. They finally got the courage to go in.

When they got in, the air turned cold. Amber and Malorn didn't move. Ashley recongized this move, stun. “Stun is an Ice Move. Alejandro's school!” Ashley thought to herself. She was happy she could shake Amber and Malorn out of it before Alejandro started the battle. “Okay, Nightshade” Alejandro said “you're going down!” Nightshade didn't look like he wanted to play any games. Alejandro casted the first spell. Ice Yvern. But, it wasn't going to attack Nightshade it was going straight for Ashley! “I should've known. You never liked me cause I was always better than you!” Ashley yelled with fury. Alejandro walked leisurely over to Nightshade's side. Nightshade went to attack but got cut off. In the middle of the battle circle a wraith popped up. “Oh no! Where did he learn that?” Amber said. “He didn't.” a familiar voice said from behind Ashley.

“MOM!” Ashley exclaimed “You came, but how …..” then she remembered how she told her mother about the plan. “I knew how impatient you were so I decided to come save you.” Autumn said. “You make it seem like you save me ALL the time.” Ashley said. “Well ...” Amber and Malorn said in unison. Ashley gave them a Death stare, and coming from a death student it was worse than coming from a dead person themselves.

Autumn had finished off Nightshade, now all they needed to do was defeat Alejandro. “I won't be as easy to defeat as that no good wraith” Alejandro pointed out. “You will lose in the end.” Malorn yelled. Alejandro summoned Ice Yvern again. This time, on Amber. “Oh my! I am so terrified of an Ice Wizard who only knows Ice Yvern!” Ashley said sarcastically. “Oh, you should be afraid of me you no good death wizard! The only reason you are alive is because I saved you so many times!” Alejandro said. “No good? NO GOOD?! I saved you all those times. Every time I asked for help you were to busy. Friends are something you aren't supposed to turn on!” Ashley said. “Join me then Ash.” Alejandro said. “NEVER!” Ashley yelled. Ashley summoned Skeletal Pirate and knocked out Alejandro. “I will be back!” he yelled “and I'll get you Ashley!!!” Once he said that everyone just got knocked out. Something that felt like clubs.

The next morning, Ashley found herself in a dorm. The walls where bright green. The floor had been enchanted with magic so that instead of a floor grass grew. Then Ashley looked around. The dorm didn't look like one. It seemed to have a different aroma to it. Fresh flowers grew in a flower box. Books on life and nature magic covered the book shelves. The green desk was somehow enchanted. The room seemed so … lovely. “Where am I?” Ashley asked. Just then the door opened. Ashley was ready to run if she needed to. She reached in her pocket for a wand, but when she put her hand in the pocket nothing was there. She was wearing new clothes! Her clothes hung in the ivy covered closet. Right when Ashley got up from the bed that was covered in flowers on the headboard and the footboard, someone came in. “Ashley!” the girl said. “I know you from somewhere.” Ashley said. Ashley then studied the girl. “Vanessa?” Ashley asked. “You remember? Oh this is great! So how do you like my dorm?” said Vanessa. “Very, grandmaster-y.” Ashley said. “Oh no! I am not a grandmaster. I just bought a lot of stuff from the Bazaar. Other thing I made.” Vanessa told Ashley.

After they caught up with each other's lives, Ashley asked “How did I get here?”. “I found you, your mom, and your two friends outside Nightshade's Tower. You where knocked out! After I found you I got a few friends. You're all safe and sound. Your mom, and friends woke up already. Oh, sorry for the clothes change.” Vanessa said. “It's fine, thanks for the clothes.” Ashley said. All of a sudden a Unicorn appeared. “Woah!” Ashley excalimed as the Unicorn approached. “Don't worry. She won't hurt you.” Vanessa said. Ashley had no clue who she was talking to. Either she was talking to Ashley, or the Unicorn.

“I got to go.” Ashley said “Thanks for everything!”. “Oh your welcome. Be sure to visit.” Vanessa said. They waved bye to each other and Ashley walked out of the dorm. Outside she found Malorn, Amber, and Autumn all waiting for her. Then she realized she hadn't changed! So she went back inside and put on her clothes. When she went back outside Amber said “Ashley, I don't think we exactly killed Alejandro. I saw him and his new Wizard companions roaming about.” Ashley got nervous. After they had made a plan they set off. The time was perfect, birds chirping, the sun in the middle of the sky, but Ashley knew that these next few weeks (or more) weren't gonna be a 'walk in the park'.

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A Savior of the Spiral

A Savior of the Spiral

Amber Rosepetal (a friend!)

You rock! Nice Blog! Keep working lol!

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A few Pics

Yeah, take warning

This one's for Donna Spellthorn

Lol Life vs Death

For the Fire School!

Ashley was a tween-aged Necromancer ..... Chapt. 1

Chapter One: The Unusual Necromancer

As usual all the students in Wizard City where looking at books, casting spells on monsters, defeating bosses, going into the Arena. Let's just say this: They were busy. Busyier than usual. There was but one student who sat on the rail of Rainbow Bridge looking at the colors of the water. Ashley Duskhunter. Now, like all Necromancers, Ashley liked skulls, bones, ghouls, etc. But unlike all the other Necros she liked everything else too.

As Ashley sat on the rail she watched a new student walk up to the middle of Rainbow Bridge and summon a Serpah. “She must be a Life Wizard!” Ashley thought to herself. The Serpah looked lovely. She has blonde hair, a lovely white linen robe, two really wide wings, and a long sword. Ashley thought the sword was there just in case she had to burst into battle.

“Wow, that was lovely!” the new Life Wizard said. “You'll get used to it.” Ashley said. The Life Wizard didn't know what to do. “Um … hi. I'm Vanessa.” the life wizard told Ashley slowly approaching with caution. “Hey, I'm Ashley. You can call me Ash if you want.” Ashley said. “You've seen more of those winged ladies?” Vanessa asked. “Not a lot. Just one.” Ashley told Vanessa.

“Where can I find her?” Vanessa asked with tons of excitement.

“At the end of that street.” Ashley said pointing to Unicorn Way “But it shouldn't be hard.”

“I heard there where monsters in that street.”

“Vanessa, this whole SPIRAL is infected with monsters.”

Vanessa just froze with fear. “Don't worry Vanessa, I have traveled to Krokotopia, and Marleybone.”

“Are those the only two worlds I have to go to?”

Ashley giggled “No, I still have two more. I can name all the worlds in order you will go: Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre. And along the way you'll be asked to go to Grizzleheim.”

“That's a lot of worlds. A lot of monsters.” Vanessa said.

“Like I said, you'll get used to it. Anyway I should get going home. It's getting late.”

“Your going to your dorm! We should go together!”

“Vanessa, I don't live in a dorm any more. I have my own house.”

“I want one!”

“You'll need to get older. Plus you'll need WAY more money. Bye, Vanessa! I might see you around”

And that's when Ashley left Vanessa just standing there at Rainbow Bridge on her first day, sad.

“Ashley Duskhunter!” yelled a voice from inside the death house. “Yeah, mom?” Ashley asked.

“I told you to clean your room!” yelled the voice. Ashley's parent, by the way, is Autumn Duskhunter: Grandmaster. “I did!” Ashley yelled back. All of a sudden all Ashley's pets scrambled out of the house. “MOM! What are they doing here? They should be at their house!” Ashley yelled. “I … really don't know.” Autumn said “They just appeared.” “Okay, everyone, back to your house!” Ashley told the pets. Even though there was some groaning and moaning Ashley got all the pets back to their house. “Mom, I am going to clean my room now.” Ashley told Autumn. “FINALLY!” Autumn said.

After minutes of work, Ashley got her room done. “Maybe, I should find a new bed this one looks like it is about to go.” Ashley said. “Why would you do that Ash?” said a voice from behind Ashley. She looked behind her and she saw her good friend Alejandro. “Alex!” Ashley said jumping into Alejandro's arms hugging him. “I guess I have been missed.” Alejandro said. “Missed? YES!” Ashley said “What are you doing here? I thought you where in Krokotopia.” “I got out of studies for a day and decided to come see you.” Ashley was in shock after she heard that. “That is so …. so sweet.” Ashley said. “Ashley, Alex, come down for dinner.” Autumn called.

At the dinner table Alejandro told Autumn and Ashley about all his adventures in Krok. “Wow, You have been through so much!” Ashley said in amazement. “Yeah, but you're already in Marleybone I will never catch up to you!” Alejandro said politely. After everyone ate three ghosts tooks the plates and drinks. “Ashley, can I meet you outside? Near the pool?” Alex asked. “Sure but wh....” Ashley started to ask. “Just meet me out there.” Alejandro said.

Now the Death House pool is not one that you would like to swim in, but Ashley and Alex where used to it. “Ashley, Malistare was in Wizard City with Lord Nightshade talking about something.” Alejandro told Ashley. “What where they talking about?” Ashley asked. “I don't really know. All I know is that Malistare plus Lord Nightshade equals BIG BIG trouble.” Alejandro said. “Tomorrow we should go see Professor Wu.” Ashley suggested. “Ashley, I don't have 'til tomorrow. I must get going by tonight.” Alex confessed. “What? You said you had some time to stay and relax.” Ashley pointed out. “Ashley, you have to go to Wizard City and tell all the teachers. Don't tell Cyrus though. I think he might be in on it too.” Alejandro said. “But, Alex … I … I don't wanna loose you like last time.” Ashley said. “Just go, it's for your own good. I will try to find you. No matter what we will see each other again.” Alejandro said. With those last words he was gone.

The next day, Ashley cleaned her room and ran straight out the door. “Ashley? Where are you going?” Autumn said. “Alejandro told me some very bad news yesterday and I need to go to Wizard City to tell everyone.” Ashley told Autumn. “Okay, if it's that important than go, but be back soon.” Autumn said. So Ashley ran out the Spiral Door and headed toward Wizard City.


Okay All,

Like before I am writing a book. But this time I am not making up characters from real shows I am using characters from W101


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Expansion 'Redo'

Okay everyone,

I have come up with an idea. Instead of it being boy/girl certain areas, the house is open to both boys and girls, and by house I mean all floors instead of a boys floor and a girls floor. There is now a study too! I have been working on it and I think it's finished. I am so happy because I don't have to work on it any more.
I am also trying to find 4 different types of pets to be 'guards' I have the rack of bobby-helmets and that got me thinking "What if Pet Paradise has like little guards?" So there will be a poll of a few pets and I would appreciate if you voted. I am also (like all of you probable atm) trying to get more pets at the bazaar (I now find out I have been spelling wrong this whole time). I thought it was the Bazzar spelling not Bazaar. ANYWAY! If you think of any other pets (that are not on the poll list) than make sure to comment that type of pet on THIS POST!


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I'm a bit Early......

Okay fellow wizards,

I know I am a bit early and late both at the same time. But something just occurred to me I was just listening to the song 'Stupid Cupid' and I thought "Hey! Wizard101 has NPC's for every holiday but Valentine's Day. What if they had a Stupid Cupid!!!!" Yes I know it's kinda weird but it is a cool idea I think. I mean just think a little Valentine Piggle as STUPID CUPID! or ... a wizard w/ pink hair wearing a hat, shoes, and a robe with Red Hearts. Aw, it would look sooo cute! and for Halloween a new person ... Jack! Jack 'O Lantern. Ha-ha! Wait! W101 already has one of those huh? Hm ... i don't know. Easter ... hm ... what could they have for Easter? Oh! I know!!!!!! One of these: 1. A NPC named 'Egg Hunter' or a title called 'Egg Hunter'. All I could think of was Eggs.

Now, onto the second matter ... Malistare and his brother. No I am not there yet, but I still don't like them no matter what you say they are mean old ugly ... things! They are a bad excuse for Wizards!


... For all the NOOBS out there!

Yes, you have many more adventures awaiting.

I now know the easiet pet to farm!

LOL, Yeah that's right! Myth Sprite is the easiest pet to farm for tons of reasons:
1. It's from Rattlebones on Unicorn Way in Wizard City
Well, I can only thing of one but I know there are more reasons! The only thing that gets me is that the egg takes 24 hrs to hatch! 24 stinkin' hours! I mean really I could deal with 1-2 hrs but NOT 24! Now it is cute but why does it wear WHITE? Can't it wear like Blue and Yellow? Wouldn't that make more sense? Okay, Okay enough about the negatives ... more about the postives! It's CUTE!

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News Paper

Click on the Image to make it bigger.

Morits the Death Tree

Ok You have to know this guy! But, for some reason... I always have a sensation to call him Oliver!

New 'Celestian' Expansion

We here at Ashley Duskhunter Presents ... have come up with a new expansion! This Expansion will come-out when the Pet expansion comes out! This New Expansion is called: Pet Paradise. On the outside there is tons of things to do. Sit by a fire, go down to the beach-area and have some tea, eat fruits, and (for death students & Pets) a graveyard. On the inside there is a two leveled house. Level one: Boy's Only Territory: Room, Neutral Territory: Books. Upper level: Girl's Only Territory: Room. Staircase: Neutral. This applies to the Pets. If a boy owner has a girl pet they can go to the girl's area (Vice Versa). NEW: Krokotopian Area! Found behind Spiral Door!

Reminder: This won't come out till the Pets Expansion (any time now!) My *MANY* Pets will be roaming around!

Also: When the Pets Expansion comes out you will not be able to buy pets at the Bazzar :(
(So buy them NOW!)

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Ashley and the Alts: Vanessa & Alejandro

Ashley: Hello fellow wizar........
Vanessa: Heyy people!
Ashley: Vanessa? Why did you just interrupt me?
Vanessa: Cause I felt like it!
Alejandro: Vanessa, I will FREEZE your mouth shut!
Vanessa: You can't do that to the Sprite/Fairy Princess!
Ashley: Are you ok?
Baby Jasper: Oh sure Ashley! Just forget about the cutest, most lovable pet in the whole entire Spiral!
Ashley: No, no! I would never.......
Vanessa: I know right, she's always like 'Oh this is my: blog, house, etc.'.
*Alejandro ports Vanessa into DragonSpyre*
*Everyone looks at Alejandro*
Alejandro: What?
Ashley: Okay We are out of time!
Baby Jasper: But we still have 1 hour left!
Ashley: Not if you guys keep messing up! Goodbye!
Alejandro: Bye!
Baby Jasper: Bye! Don't forget to always keep your Dark Sprites in good condition cause they are the bes...*Ashley Covers Baby Jasper's Mouth and Poofs all of them away*

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A Word from Wizard City and Many others...

Buy this Ice House in the Crowns Shop in Game!
Hey! Let's go to Friendly's!
"Welcome to Wizard City"

I got a delema!

Hey people!

Okay so I got myself into a little delay here! Okay, so you know how when the new Pet System comes out onto Live Realms we're gonna have new housing items? Well, I got all my pets from all my Alts (3 of 'em) cause if you take pets out of the Shared Bank your pet energy goes bye-bye. So I am making one of my houses ALL to my pets. And I was wondering where it is coming along quite "nicely" I though to myself "Self, should I make this open to the public? Wizards could just hang out with pets, meet new friends, etc. But on the other hand, my pets might be disturbed (no offense) with all the noise." So not-so-surprisingly (cause I am a little insane LOL) my thoughts answered back "Well, Ash, I don't know. But you can ask your friends to help!" Than I thought of it! Oh yeah! A little poll will be posted on the sidebar of the Blog. Okay that's It.


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New Contest!

Dear fellow students,

If you haven't seen already, Homework in a Graveyard is having a contest! Here's what you gotta do to win!

Yes, it does include "Tenure for Dworgyn!"

Oh Yeah, By the way....... This isn't a 'oh Autumn will have a lesson and you take a little quiz' it's an Essay!

Autumn's Rules!
1) Existing blogs only, minimum of 20 posts, (prior to today's date).
2) DO NOT post your email. I will ask you for it if you win.
3) If you've won a prize from 'Homework' in the past 30 days, sorry you can't win, again.
4) Spelling is 'ballpark". Looking for creative writing content here. Express yourself!
5) No, Ashley, you can't enter this one, either. (OH COME ON!)
6) Contest will run until May 10th, 2010 at midnight, E.S.T. Winner announced May 11th.

Okay that's all folks!


P.S. I HAVE seen the prize and its a great one! But Sadly I am not allowed to tell you or else I would be grounded the way a GRANDMASTER NECROMANCER would see fit!

A Word from our sponsors!

As you can see Mrs. Greyrose loves the chilling atmosphere!

Well, there ya have it folks! Buy the "wonderful" Ice House in the Crowns shop!

Interview with Kestrel Shadowthisle

Ashley Duskhunter: Hello Kestrel!
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Hello Ashley!
Ashley Duskhunter: What school are you?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Life.
Ashley Duskhunter: And what does it take to become a powerful well trained Life Wizard?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Hmm, good question...
Well, the best life wizards can heal very well, and during a long fight, keep everyone alive. But as well as that, they can also solo bosses, and attack when they need to.Contrary to popular belief, life is ALL about healing.
Ashley Duskhunter: Good answer. What do YOU personally think are the PROS of being a Life Wizard
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Pros, eh?
Well, healing, altough not all it is to be a life wizard, is a big bonus. You can keep yourself alive better than most schools. Also, we have very high health and mana, almost as much as ice school. Life wizards also tend to work well in groups, and if you're committed enough to get to be a life grandmaster, then good for you!
Ashley Duskhunter: Now, what are the CONS of beign a Life Wizard?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Well, we don't get the best attacks, so one-hit-kills are pretty much out of the question. We also are very underrepresented, so not many people tend to choose life, or to pursue it very far. Since it's hard for us to solo, we often have to have friends help us (which I don't mind), but that doesn't always work out, especially if you don't have any friends online at the time. Oh, and life enemies ALWAYS cast death shields and spirit armors, which makes them VERY hard to fight.
Ashley Duskhunter: Why did you choose the Life School instead of say...... the Death School?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Well, that's an easy question.
I started out with ice school, and had two ice wizards. One of them got to Krokotopia before I deleted her, and the other one got to Marleybone. I got stuck on an initiation and stopped playing ice, but life had been my secondary, so I decided to try it.
Ashley Duskhunter: If you could change ONE thing abou the Life School what would it be?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Hmmm... Change or add?
Ashley Duskhunter: You can do both.
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Okay then:
I would give life an attack all enemies spell. Every other school has one, and I'd love to be able to kill more than one enemy at a time.
Ashley Duskhunter: Ok so what is your favorite spell and why?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Hmmmmm
Seraph. All through Marleybone AND Mooshu, I could kill pretty much any basic mob enemy in one hit with my nice gear on. I LOVE seraph, except now that they changed the sound on it, it really annoys me.
Ashley Duskhunter: lol (at the whole sound thing) Would you change your school if you could?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Nope. I love life, and it will always be my favorite, even though I'm an ice wizard when I take the test.
Ashley Duskhunter: If you could control ONE npc for a whole day and use their spells and everything about them: who would it be? and What would you change about them (If you would change anything)?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Hmm, good question. I like this interview!
Ashley Duskhunter: Thanks!
Kestrel Shadowthistle: I'm torn between Lady Oriel (because she's a seraph) and Abigail Doolittle.
Ashley Duskhunter: You can talk about both.
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Oh, okay.
So Lady Oriel is obvious, I would use all her special seraph tricks and stuff. She probably has a really cool house somewhere in that hedge maze. Abigail Doolittle. Probably one of my least favorite questlines in the entire game is that policeman's ball one that she gives.Kestrel Shadowthistle: If I was her, I would just do everything myself so all the wizards wouldn't have to do her dirtywork.
Ashley Duskhunter: Now, if you could take the role of: Headmaster, Teacher, etc. What would it be and What would you do with the role?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: I would definitely take headmaster. I really don't think old Merle is up to the job anymore. I would find some interesting things for the students to do past level 50, because there really aren't any at the moment.
Ashley Duskhunter: If you could, what would you add to the game?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Sidewalks in MB. Then it would be my favorite world.
Ashley Duskhunter: If you could control mobs to only attack Wizards when the Wizards approach would you? or would you keep it the way it is for the Wizards to have more of a challenge?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: I think that I would change it, but only on regular streets. Dungeons like the Sunken City where you can be sucked into battle off of the sidewalk would stay the same for a challenge.
Ashley Duskhunter: Well, thank you very much Kestrel good job on the answers!
Kestrel Shadowthistle: No problemo, chica!

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