Thursday, May 6, 2010

New 'Celestian' Expansion

We here at Ashley Duskhunter Presents ... have come up with a new expansion! This Expansion will come-out when the Pet expansion comes out! This New Expansion is called: Pet Paradise. On the outside there is tons of things to do. Sit by a fire, go down to the beach-area and have some tea, eat fruits, and (for death students & Pets) a graveyard. On the inside there is a two leveled house. Level one: Boy's Only Territory: Room, Neutral Territory: Books. Upper level: Girl's Only Territory: Room. Staircase: Neutral. This applies to the Pets. If a boy owner has a girl pet they can go to the girl's area (Vice Versa). NEW: Krokotopian Area! Found behind Spiral Door!

Reminder: This won't come out till the Pets Expansion (any time now!) My *MANY* Pets will be roaming around!

Also: When the Pets Expansion comes out you will not be able to buy pets at the Bazzar :(
(So buy them NOW!)

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