Friday, May 21, 2010

Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Two Supprising Guests

When Ashley got there, she stepped outside and talked to the great tree Bartleby. “Ugh … I really don't know how this all happened without my eye of the past. But like Alejandro said Malistare and Lord Nightshade equal BIG trouble. But I sense that Malistare is going around to all evil bosses and helping them. It spells no good.” Bartleby said. “I am going to Headmaster Ambrose.” Ashley said and she ran off.

By the time she got there two of her best friends, Malorn Willowsmith and Amber Rosepetal, where already there. “Oh, Ashley!” Amber exclaimed “We have been talking about ….” “Don't say his name!” Malorn said. “Who?” Ashley asked. “Alejandro” Amber said “We think he is the cause of all of this evil. Not Malistare since, he is dead, and because he was HAPPY when we realeased his soul with his wife.” Ashley looked at everyone. “YOU THREE ARE CRAZY!” She yelled. “No Ashley, we're not! I have proof!” Malorn said. The Headmaster was being suspiciously. “Okay then, show me the proof!” Ashley demanded. Malorn pulled out a picture of Alejandro talking to Lord Nightshade. “No … that can't be.” Ashley said in disbelief. “Ash, he was using you. He was gonna trap you at Nightshade's tower. He wanted you to join his cause.” Amber explained. “Do we know his cause yet?” Ashley asked. “We think so. We think he wants to bring together all the wizards he can gather and with the help of the bosses he will bring down everyone he opposes.” Malorn explained.

After Malorn and Amber explained everything they decided to make a plan. “Okay, first we need costumes. So no one -especially Alejandro- recongizes us.” So they went to the clothing store. Ashley found herself in a BRIGHT pink dress. Amber found herself in a black and white robe. And Malorn found himself in a red and brown new robe. “Black? Really?” Amber looked at Ashley. “What? It was the only two colors no one would expect you in.” Ashley said. “Malorn? Why arent you wearing the blue outfit I picked out for you?” “Oh... um …. funny story. I only go with Balance colors.” Malorn said. “YOU ARE SO STRESSFUL!” Amber said.

Once they got to Nightshade's Tower, they saw Alejandro. His purple hair seemed to glisten just like Ashley's purple hair. He was dressed in his most powerful outfit. He seemed ready to lead the three into the tower. “Hello Ashley.” Alejando said polietly “and who are these two wizards?” “So much for costumes.” Amber whispered to Ashley and Malorn “I am Amber Rosepetal!” “and I am your worst nightmare” Malorn said. Ashley nudged him. “Fine. I am Malorn Willowsmith.” Malorn said. “Well, it is an honor to meet you! Remember Ashley, Nightshade is death so you need to be careful.” Alejandro said wisely. They finally got the courage to go in.

When they got in, the air turned cold. Amber and Malorn didn't move. Ashley recongized this move, stun. “Stun is an Ice Move. Alejandro's school!” Ashley thought to herself. She was happy she could shake Amber and Malorn out of it before Alejandro started the battle. “Okay, Nightshade” Alejandro said “you're going down!” Nightshade didn't look like he wanted to play any games. Alejandro casted the first spell. Ice Yvern. But, it wasn't going to attack Nightshade it was going straight for Ashley! “I should've known. You never liked me cause I was always better than you!” Ashley yelled with fury. Alejandro walked leisurely over to Nightshade's side. Nightshade went to attack but got cut off. In the middle of the battle circle a wraith popped up. “Oh no! Where did he learn that?” Amber said. “He didn't.” a familiar voice said from behind Ashley.

“MOM!” Ashley exclaimed “You came, but how …..” then she remembered how she told her mother about the plan. “I knew how impatient you were so I decided to come save you.” Autumn said. “You make it seem like you save me ALL the time.” Ashley said. “Well ...” Amber and Malorn said in unison. Ashley gave them a Death stare, and coming from a death student it was worse than coming from a dead person themselves.

Autumn had finished off Nightshade, now all they needed to do was defeat Alejandro. “I won't be as easy to defeat as that no good wraith” Alejandro pointed out. “You will lose in the end.” Malorn yelled. Alejandro summoned Ice Yvern again. This time, on Amber. “Oh my! I am so terrified of an Ice Wizard who only knows Ice Yvern!” Ashley said sarcastically. “Oh, you should be afraid of me you no good death wizard! The only reason you are alive is because I saved you so many times!” Alejandro said. “No good? NO GOOD?! I saved you all those times. Every time I asked for help you were to busy. Friends are something you aren't supposed to turn on!” Ashley said. “Join me then Ash.” Alejandro said. “NEVER!” Ashley yelled. Ashley summoned Skeletal Pirate and knocked out Alejandro. “I will be back!” he yelled “and I'll get you Ashley!!!” Once he said that everyone just got knocked out. Something that felt like clubs.

The next morning, Ashley found herself in a dorm. The walls where bright green. The floor had been enchanted with magic so that instead of a floor grass grew. Then Ashley looked around. The dorm didn't look like one. It seemed to have a different aroma to it. Fresh flowers grew in a flower box. Books on life and nature magic covered the book shelves. The green desk was somehow enchanted. The room seemed so … lovely. “Where am I?” Ashley asked. Just then the door opened. Ashley was ready to run if she needed to. She reached in her pocket for a wand, but when she put her hand in the pocket nothing was there. She was wearing new clothes! Her clothes hung in the ivy covered closet. Right when Ashley got up from the bed that was covered in flowers on the headboard and the footboard, someone came in. “Ashley!” the girl said. “I know you from somewhere.” Ashley said. Ashley then studied the girl. “Vanessa?” Ashley asked. “You remember? Oh this is great! So how do you like my dorm?” said Vanessa. “Very, grandmaster-y.” Ashley said. “Oh no! I am not a grandmaster. I just bought a lot of stuff from the Bazaar. Other thing I made.” Vanessa told Ashley.

After they caught up with each other's lives, Ashley asked “How did I get here?”. “I found you, your mom, and your two friends outside Nightshade's Tower. You where knocked out! After I found you I got a few friends. You're all safe and sound. Your mom, and friends woke up already. Oh, sorry for the clothes change.” Vanessa said. “It's fine, thanks for the clothes.” Ashley said. All of a sudden a Unicorn appeared. “Woah!” Ashley excalimed as the Unicorn approached. “Don't worry. She won't hurt you.” Vanessa said. Ashley had no clue who she was talking to. Either she was talking to Ashley, or the Unicorn.

“I got to go.” Ashley said “Thanks for everything!”. “Oh your welcome. Be sure to visit.” Vanessa said. They waved bye to each other and Ashley walked out of the dorm. Outside she found Malorn, Amber, and Autumn all waiting for her. Then she realized she hadn't changed! So she went back inside and put on her clothes. When she went back outside Amber said “Ashley, I don't think we exactly killed Alejandro. I saw him and his new Wizard companions roaming about.” Ashley got nervous. After they had made a plan they set off. The time was perfect, birds chirping, the sun in the middle of the sky, but Ashley knew that these next few weeks (or more) weren't gonna be a 'walk in the park'.

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