Friday, May 21, 2010

A cute Little Story (totally FAKE)

Okay, so today I got to Life Class and Mrs. Wu said "Okay, now children we will be summoning Life creatures today." I didn't think it was that big of a deal. After I had my Pixie summoned and everyone else had their creature Mrs. Wu said "Okay now match up with a partner and catch their creature. But of course Mrs. Wu picked partners and I got stuck with Amber Ashflame (old deleted alt). She was a fire wizard who didn't do very well in studies so I was basically dead. "Amber? Where is your creature?" I asked. "Outside. Look for a GIANT RED dragon!" Amber said back. So sadly, I had to go catch the thing. When I got back I was covered in dirt, my purple hair had twigs in it, my face looked like I had just devoured a MUD pie. "Ashley? Where is your creature?" Mrs. Wu said. "Outside, Amber summoned a Dragon. I looked at Amber who was still trying to catch my Pixie. "Well Ashley, since you caught a DRAGON you get A++." Mrs. Wu said. After Life class I went into Myth class. "Good day class." Professor Drake said. No one ever liked him so not one wizard said hi back. "Today, we will be learning how to summon, and take down a Minotaur." Professor Drake said. The class just moaned. I again got stuck with the worst kid in the class, even though everyone wanted to choose me for their partner. So we all summoned our Minotaurs. "Okay Joe (Fake) Where is the...." I started to ask. "My Centaur is outside." He said. "CENTAUR!!" I exclaimed. I ran after it. Again I looked like a mess. "Mrs. Duskhunter, why where you chasing that Centaur?" Professor Drake asked. "Joe.....Centaur.....Minotaur." I tried to say. "Ugh, I can't believe I am doing this but Ashley you get an A. Joe you get detention!" So my day went pretty well.


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