Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I got a delema!

Hey people!

Okay so I got myself into a little delay here! Okay, so you know how when the new Pet System comes out onto Live Realms we're gonna have new housing items? Well, I got all my pets from all my Alts (3 of 'em) cause if you take pets out of the Shared Bank your pet energy goes bye-bye. So I am making one of my houses ALL to my pets. And I was wondering where it is coming along quite "nicely" I though to myself "Self, should I make this open to the public? Wizards could just hang out with pets, meet new friends, etc. But on the other hand, my pets might be disturbed (no offense) with all the noise." So not-so-surprisingly (cause I am a little insane LOL) my thoughts answered back "Well, Ash, I don't know. But you can ask your friends to help!" Than I thought of it! Oh yeah! A little poll will be posted on the sidebar of the Blog. Okay that's It.


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