Monday, May 3, 2010

Interview with Kestrel Shadowthisle

Ashley Duskhunter: Hello Kestrel!
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Hello Ashley!
Ashley Duskhunter: What school are you?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Life.
Ashley Duskhunter: And what does it take to become a powerful well trained Life Wizard?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Hmm, good question...
Well, the best life wizards can heal very well, and during a long fight, keep everyone alive. But as well as that, they can also solo bosses, and attack when they need to.Contrary to popular belief, life is ALL about healing.
Ashley Duskhunter: Good answer. What do YOU personally think are the PROS of being a Life Wizard
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Pros, eh?
Well, healing, altough not all it is to be a life wizard, is a big bonus. You can keep yourself alive better than most schools. Also, we have very high health and mana, almost as much as ice school. Life wizards also tend to work well in groups, and if you're committed enough to get to be a life grandmaster, then good for you!
Ashley Duskhunter: Now, what are the CONS of beign a Life Wizard?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Well, we don't get the best attacks, so one-hit-kills are pretty much out of the question. We also are very underrepresented, so not many people tend to choose life, or to pursue it very far. Since it's hard for us to solo, we often have to have friends help us (which I don't mind), but that doesn't always work out, especially if you don't have any friends online at the time. Oh, and life enemies ALWAYS cast death shields and spirit armors, which makes them VERY hard to fight.
Ashley Duskhunter: Why did you choose the Life School instead of say...... the Death School?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Well, that's an easy question.
I started out with ice school, and had two ice wizards. One of them got to Krokotopia before I deleted her, and the other one got to Marleybone. I got stuck on an initiation and stopped playing ice, but life had been my secondary, so I decided to try it.
Ashley Duskhunter: If you could change ONE thing abou the Life School what would it be?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Hmmm... Change or add?
Ashley Duskhunter: You can do both.
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Okay then:
I would give life an attack all enemies spell. Every other school has one, and I'd love to be able to kill more than one enemy at a time.
Ashley Duskhunter: Ok so what is your favorite spell and why?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Hmmmmm
Seraph. All through Marleybone AND Mooshu, I could kill pretty much any basic mob enemy in one hit with my nice gear on. I LOVE seraph, except now that they changed the sound on it, it really annoys me.
Ashley Duskhunter: lol (at the whole sound thing) Would you change your school if you could?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Nope. I love life, and it will always be my favorite, even though I'm an ice wizard when I take the test.
Ashley Duskhunter: If you could control ONE npc for a whole day and use their spells and everything about them: who would it be? and What would you change about them (If you would change anything)?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Hmm, good question. I like this interview!
Ashley Duskhunter: Thanks!
Kestrel Shadowthistle: I'm torn between Lady Oriel (because she's a seraph) and Abigail Doolittle.
Ashley Duskhunter: You can talk about both.
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Oh, okay.
So Lady Oriel is obvious, I would use all her special seraph tricks and stuff. She probably has a really cool house somewhere in that hedge maze. Abigail Doolittle. Probably one of my least favorite questlines in the entire game is that policeman's ball one that she gives.Kestrel Shadowthistle: If I was her, I would just do everything myself so all the wizards wouldn't have to do her dirtywork.
Ashley Duskhunter: Now, if you could take the role of: Headmaster, Teacher, etc. What would it be and What would you do with the role?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: I would definitely take headmaster. I really don't think old Merle is up to the job anymore. I would find some interesting things for the students to do past level 50, because there really aren't any at the moment.
Ashley Duskhunter: If you could, what would you add to the game?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: Sidewalks in MB. Then it would be my favorite world.
Ashley Duskhunter: If you could control mobs to only attack Wizards when the Wizards approach would you? or would you keep it the way it is for the Wizards to have more of a challenge?
Kestrel Shadowthistle: I think that I would change it, but only on regular streets. Dungeons like the Sunken City where you can be sucked into battle off of the sidewalk would stay the same for a challenge.
Ashley Duskhunter: Well, thank you very much Kestrel good job on the answers!
Kestrel Shadowthistle: No problemo, chica!

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