Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Fellow students,

I have been "told" to give you an assignment. It will be a very easy assignment. If you can tell me which 5 spells I am talking about you will get 20% on each answer you get right!
1. 50 myth attack and 650 myth attack
2. 400 for self only (can also be used for everyone if you are life)
3. 295-335 fire damage
4. 50 myth damage and 450 myth damage
5. 65-105 damage
Have Fun with this!
Ashley Duskhunter

Pets! Pets! Everywhere!

Attention all students! Hold all class papers!
Wizard City is opening a Pet Pavilion! You can train your pets! Train as in for a race, or battling! You can also merge pets. Use one's power while you use the others appearance! Us students will have many other things to do! For you wizards who love certain pets to death but never use them you can just leave them at your house now (of course that probably means dorms too)! Well, that's all for now!

Ashley Duskhunter

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thanks for Everything!

Heyy fellow Wizards!,

I am specially happy right now! I just read Dustin's post on Wizard 101 Info! The Ball, The Daughter, and The Alt. I feel so at home even more with W101 now! Today I met more friends! And if anyone who I met at that little Meet & Greet Thanks! This post goes out to you all! You were all so nice! I feel like I have another family!

Your Friend,
Ashley Duskhunter

P.S. I had a really great time at our Meet & Greet!

The First Annual Ravenwood Ball!

Come to the Ravenwood ball! Where: Ravenwood School of Magical Arts
When: Saturday, May 29th
Realm: Vampire
Area: 1

(You MUST be a member of ConnectX to enter the ball!)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tenure For Dworgyn! & More

Dear Headmaster, Staff, & Classmates,

I have seen that Autumn Dusk's Homework in a Graveyard is wanting a "Tenure for Dworgyn". I agree with this totally! Where our Death School Teacher (help me since I am going to say his name) Malistare is/was trying to take over the whole Spiral. I believe Dworgyn wouldn't do that to Ravenwood. Dworgyn is a great Death Teacher! He gives all us students (Death or not) Great Death Spells. For instance: Skeletal Pirate is a great spell for more of the newer player while Wraith and Scarecrow are better for higher levels. Malistare probably couldn't teach a Life Wizard any of those spells (even though we know most Life Wizards don't like going into NightSide!!). All the great spells are taught to you by Dworgyn. I also believe that Cyrus Drake can be quite mean. He has all the new-wizards get his clothes for him! No offense to Cyrus Drake but GET YOUR OWN CLOTHES! He's a grown man! Anyway that out of the way.... I also believe that Penny Dreadful should also be found in her own Dorm-Room! She is always on the side of the road talking to new wizards. Why not let her have her own room! Either that or her own house! She deserves it! She's oh so helpful to the wizards plus she always does her work! If she could just have her own room so she could go study, sleep, hang-out with friends, etc. Her house could be somewhere near the Dorms. It doesn't need to be this Big, huge, mansion-like house. It could just be a small cottage with some furniture in it.

Thanks for Listening,
Ashley Duskhunter

Ravenwood Radio

Okay so I have heard of this online Radio called Ravenwood Radio. I am currently listening to the most current episode: Episode 14 - Ice Study Hall. I think it is a really cool idea. In this Episode Steven Spiritcaller and Leesha Darkheart talk about the Ice Study Hall, E-Mails, etc. Like Leesha said "..A fashionable wizard is a powerful wizard". How does that fit in with this subject you ask? Well when Steven and Leesha talk about their weeks Lisha says she has been working on one of her wizard's outfit. GO LEESHA! That's basically all I really do 'Go To Shops and Put the Clothes on!'. LOL. Three of the really good Ice Wizards are also on this. The three Wizards are Christina Icedreamer, Kevin Battleblood and Sierra Starsong. Anyway, yeah that's about it.....

Your Friend,
Ashley Duskhunter

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life's a Party!

Life is a Party
I don't know y I made this!

Something 'Sorta' Cute

Questionare for Anyone

Answer the Following Questions 100% true:

1. What is your favorite color?
2. What is your favorite animal?
3. Do you own a house (W101 only)?
4. Do you have a pet?
5. What is your pet's name & species? (only answer is you answered yes to the above question)
6. If you could be ANYTHING in W101 (including Headmaster, a certain monster, etc.) what would you be?
7. Do you like to throw parties at your house (if you have a house)?
8. Are you close to your friends on W101?
9. Who is your favorite Non-Player-Character in W101?
10. Who is your favorite boss monster in W101?
11. What is your favorite monster in W101?


BOOMW - Bored out of my Wits
To be Bored and not in the mood to do anything whatsoever.

YOU HAVE A MESSAGE FROM: Ashley Duskhunter
HI! I AM BORED lol lol lol lol lol lol!

Welcome Back Autumn!

Here's a little picture I put together for Autumn just a second ago!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

Hello fellow Bloggers!!!!! Ash is back! I decided to come back to the blogging society after I heard of this new World in W101. This new World is called "Celestia". It looks like an Underwater inventor place! I cant wait 'till I am able to go to Celestia. Since I am only level 25 to get to Celestia something like "You must be level 30 and up to get to Celestia. When you reach level 30 go to Professor Ambrose for the Portal Key" UGH!!!!! Stressing!

Now, we all know I usually like to fool around and have fun but when I get determined to do something I WILL! So I WILL get to level 30!!! I will! (sorry went crazy there) ::Giggle::

ATM I think I am still in Krokotopia trying to get up the guts to do the "Krokopatra" quest (yes, I know a level 25 doesn't have the guts to take on Krokopatra). The thing is there is more than one person to beat before you get to Krokopatra! If it was only "go into dungeon and instantly face the queen" than I would be fine! But NO it has to be the hard way! Well then again "It never get's easier it always get's harder" -Autumn Duskhunter. THAT quote made me think and I came up with a quote of my own "Life is like a game...It never get's any easier but if you stick to it you'll find that it isn't too hard."

I was thinking.... What if W101 twisted characters like Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Mad Hatter, Alice, etc. and made them their own! Yes, I know they have already done Wizard of Oz (Which btw the stage play Wicked kicks High School Musical out of #1!) but I personally think they need more famous characters! is going a little extreme. But can't you just see it! the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella ... (just edit Professor Greyrose a bit). Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty ... (I don't know how or who you could edit to make her but still it would be cool).

That's all for now folks!,
Ashley Duskhunter