Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tenure For Dworgyn! & More

Dear Headmaster, Staff, & Classmates,

I have seen that Autumn Dusk's Homework in a Graveyard is wanting a "Tenure for Dworgyn". I agree with this totally! Where our Death School Teacher (help me since I am going to say his name) Malistare is/was trying to take over the whole Spiral. I believe Dworgyn wouldn't do that to Ravenwood. Dworgyn is a great Death Teacher! He gives all us students (Death or not) Great Death Spells. For instance: Skeletal Pirate is a great spell for more of the newer player while Wraith and Scarecrow are better for higher levels. Malistare probably couldn't teach a Life Wizard any of those spells (even though we know most Life Wizards don't like going into NightSide!!). All the great spells are taught to you by Dworgyn. I also believe that Cyrus Drake can be quite mean. He has all the new-wizards get his clothes for him! No offense to Cyrus Drake but GET YOUR OWN CLOTHES! He's a grown man! Anyway that out of the way.... I also believe that Penny Dreadful should also be found in her own Dorm-Room! She is always on the side of the road talking to new wizards. Why not let her have her own room! Either that or her own house! She deserves it! She's oh so helpful to the wizards plus she always does her work! If she could just have her own room so she could go study, sleep, hang-out with friends, etc. Her house could be somewhere near the Dorms. It doesn't need to be this Big, huge, mansion-like house. It could just be a small cottage with some furniture in it.

Thanks for Listening,
Ashley Duskhunter