Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hey Peeps

Hello my fellow Wizard Students,

Guess who? Yep. Its me Ashley!! I've come back to the blogging community -This time for real!-. I've been playing Wizard Lately and even though I'm only lvl 32 there's not really much to do. So I'm planning a party! Oh yea you heard right! So... I've been thinking. It will be a nice little casual party. ^.^ It's gonna be held at my place (most likely my Royal Playhouse). You can come with a friend or without a friend.

WARNING: I am only limiting the space to 15 people. I'm sorry but i just don't want to much lag.

HERE'S HOW TO RSVP: Comment saying something like 'I'll be there!'. But remember the first 15 people will be invited.

I will post the 15 in a new post!

See ya 'round the Spiral,


Rose Marie said...

I might come, i'll have to set a timer though.

M.W.S said...