Saturday, July 4, 2009

Proffessor Greyrose: Explains something

Wizard101 friends, fans, and customers,

The KingsIsle staff would like to provide some information about the game update today. First, we are extremely happy to deliver our largest expansion to the world of Wizard101 to date!

It’s literally crammed with goodies:

• Grizzleheim, a whole new world featuring Viking bears, mystic ravens, and mysterious wolves

• An entirely new crafting system that allows Wizards to make their own weapons, armor, furniture, and Treasure Cards

• A Bazaar which allows players to buy items sold by other players and sell items in exchange for gold

• An enormous community package that features grouping, chat channels, do not disturb features, and more

This expansion is now fully available for you to enjoy!

We do understand, however, that players had difficulty downloading this update today and did not make it into the game when they wanted to play.

We’re sorry about that and want to offer our sincere apology.

In fact, we had so many people try to download the update at the same time that we had a service outage which only allowed some people to trickle into the game. This outage also affected our service which normally performs a check to allow subscribers enter the game with priority over Free-to-Play players. We are taking steps to ensure this kind of outage does not occur with future updates.

Rest assured our supporters and game services are our top priorities.

Thank you for playing Wizard101 and we look forward to seeing you in Grizzleheim!

Lydia Greyrose
Professor of Ice Magic

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Lyssie Silverheart said...

The subscribers over free players is very stupid first come first serv I say!