Friday, July 3, 2009

"Rare" now tis just word in W101

As you know from "Homework in a Graveyard" you know that RARE is no longer. :( I was looking forward to challenges to get new pets, furniture, CLOTHING! But NO! W101 had to go make a Bazzar (which btw is pretty BAZZAR). Now if I want a pet and go to a boss to get it and then I'll end up talking to the Bossier Boss like:

Hey Boss ol' boy old pal.
Don't ask for the pet.
But... How'd you............?
I just know you ok.
Then if you don't have the pet I want, where is it?
I sold all of them to the Bazzar.
Ok this is the last time I am coming ,.I am telling EVERYONE to not come to you!
I'll give you one day.
I will not come, back believe me!

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