Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family Portrait

Hey Guies! It's Ashley! Well You already knew that! But anyway, if you've been checking in with Autumn you probably have seen her recent My Little Pony Post! One of the ponies is named "Twilight Sparkle" (minus the quotations). She's a sassy, purple pony. So Autumn and I decided that if W101 was My Little Pony, Twilight Sparkle would be a Duskhunter.

I took this idea into consideration:

"She'd be a Duskhunter?"
"Yes Why?"
"I just got an Idea!"

Then I got to work. I set out to find a picture of; Twilight Sparkle (easy), Autumn (easy), and Me (pretty easy but not as easy as the last two) (whats up with that?)

Then I took a nice little border and made this:

Hope Ya'll like it! (What was with the country talk there? Oh well)

Ya All,

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Fatal Exception said...

Very nicely done! I', impressed by how far your image editing skills have progressed! very artistic, Ashley!