Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hehehe! Okay so here's the "backstory". Autumn was on checking it out (to see all the updates, etc) then she came across something about mounts. "Ashley! Look what I found!" she said. Then I said "I bet you that they are going to be like they did with the pets. Free Roaming." (yeah I know. I have bad grammar sometimes). Autumn said she did think so.

A Few Days Later

Autumn was back on W101. "Oh My Gosh! Free Roaming Mounts!" she said. "YES! I WAS RIGHT! (smiley face) (smiley face) (smiley face)". Autumn did admit I was right (for once). lol So yea! Now I cant wait til this comes out! Placing my pets and mounts together! (but wait! Where will my wings go? On a rack?)

Thats it for now!,

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