Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ashley, You are so Random!

Hey Guys/Ponies(?)/Gals/Wizards/Pets/Cupcakes!

Cupcakes? Ashley are you feeling alright?

Great Question Voice in my Head! The answer to that question is still to be un-announced! Alright so Ya know how Autumn and I have been talking about "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"? Well Autumn and I were talking about the show.

"If I could narrow you down to two ponies, they would be Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie."
"Pinkie Pie! YAY! Rainbow Dash! YAY! Why?"
"Because you talk a lot, (emphasis on A LOT) you're very proud, and YOUR SO RANDOM!"

So that got me to thinking! Rainbow Dash + Pinkie Pie = Ashley huh? Well I got a little clip of what is usually said to PINKIE PIE (the random, talkative one) and its said by RAINBOW DASH (The Proud One)! So here it is (Pinkie Pie You are So Random):

So I may have put a DIFFERENT VIDEO! But its still funny and cute! So can YOU see how Pinkie Pie and I are alike?
All this talk about ponies is making me feel girly! LoL. But for some reason its still a bit fun!

♥ Ya,


Fatal Exception said...

Ashley, you are *so* random.

Ashley Duskhunter said...

Yes Yes I am.......
And then I was like "Oh no Oatmeal" ......