Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Housing Talk!

Okay! So if you've read Autumn's Latest Post, you know that she's gotten "addicted" to housing/decorating. Where she's just getting addicted to it, I have always been into it. Seriously, if I'm not changing my clothes, I'm decorating my house(s)! I'm not one for questing, but Autumn is so here's how our conversations go:
"Ashley, What are ya doing?"
"Decorating my house!"
"Again? Shouldn't you be leveling?"
"... I don't know .... Should I?"
"Yes! Ashley, what's going to happen if you don't start leveling?"
"Well, I can only answer that with a quote, 'Good Things Come to Those Who Wait'"
"Yeah, it's 'Good Things Come to Those Who Wait' not 'Good Things Come to Those Who Sit on Their Bottoms Decorating Their House and Not Leveling'!"
"Well Duh! That would be too much to add into one quote!"

So yeah, that's how our conversations go. Good News: I'm actually TRYING to level! Bad News: I'm not doing that well. But anyway, back onto housing! Today I helped farm the Jade Oni with a few of my fabulous friends! And I got the Ninja Pig Statue (I know there's a "PROPER" name for it but I'm honestly too lazy at the moment to look it up :D). :D See Autumn! Good things come to those who are like me! :D

That's All For Now!

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